Keep pigeons off your panels

Pigeon proof your solar panels to get rid of filthy, noisy pigeons.

Comprehensive pigeon protection


Reduce pigeon noise

Pigeons are loud. They start cooing early in the morning and make noise throughout the day. This can be very disruptive to sleep, work, and more. Pigeon proofing prevents pigeons from returning to your roof.


Eliminate risk of lice and mites

Cleaner solar panels can get more light into them, so that they function better and produce more power. The average home can see a power increase of 10-20%, some have even seen up to a 60% increase.

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Protect your gutters

Pigeon droppings tend to fill, and clog gutters if not cleaned. As well as this, pigeon droppings tend to contain seeds or other plant matter which clogs up and grows in your gutters. All of this can cause significant damage to your gutters.

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Keep solar panels clean

Feathers, dirt, grime, and droppings will all cover your panels and reduce their effectiveness. After pigeon proofing your solar panels, we can clean them, ensuring they can work as efficiently as possible.

A comprehensive pigeon proofing solution

  • Gutter guards - we protect gutters from scratches from our ladders
  • Nest removal
  • Under-panel flush and disinfection*
  • Mesh installation - your choice of style based on your roof and personal taste
  • Your panels are cleaned*
  • We spray a chemical called D-Ter* - this releases a smell pigeons don’t like

*These are optional and can be added or removed to create your preferred bird proofing solution.

Easy pigeon proofing solution

Book us in

Get in touch with our friendly team and we will provide you with a customised detailed quote outlining the service. When you accept we will book in a time.

We arrive

The team arrive at your business on time, and in uniform. We will have all the tools necessary to complete the pigeon proofing.

Nest removal

We will inspect your panels to determine how we will approach the problem. The team will then remove nests and disinfect under your panels.

Mesh installation

Once nests have been cleared we can begin installing the mesh of your choice. This is followed up with the spraying of D-Ter and a panel clean if requested.

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Craig Miller
Craig Miller
Wow, i cannot commend these guys enough! What a incredible company to deal with. The service and pricing they provided was beyond belief. I cannot say enough about them.
Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson
It’s so nice to see that there is still a company that gives exceptional service. From the men to their machines everything was clean and well maintained, giving you confidence that their work would be the same. And so it was. Would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone needing their services, And thank you, thank you for getting rid of our pigeons. Liz and Roger- Manly 😋
Adele McNally
Adele McNally
Great local business. First class service from the office to the technician. Michelle provided great advice over the phone and Matt is well-presented and polite, fantastic job. Highly recommend.
Mick Delfos
Mick Delfos
Great local company doing a great job.
Jake Reesby
Jake Reesby
Provided a great price and additional work free of charge. Great job.
Brenda Weller
Brenda Weller
Crystal Clear arranged to be here on Wednesday and their service personnel were here on Wednesday morning, as requested. We have dealt with them in prior years and have always found the service to be prompt, efficient and professional.
Angela Drube
Angela Drube
Highly recommend Crystal Clear Solar. Very professional from the initial enquiry to quote to panel cleaning. provided lots of photos and a easy to understand report. I will definitely be calling you back again in a years time.
Lisa Watzek
Lisa Watzek
What a cracker of a job done for us. Courteous, prompt and efficient work. Thanks guys.
Felicity S
Felicity S
Fast and friendly service!! Took the time to explain things to us. Improved our output heaps! Can really tell Ivan loves his job and appreciates his customers 🙂 my inlaws popped by during the service and were so impressed they booked him on the spot for their panels.

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Screenshot 2022-05-24 at 09-14-23 Solar Panel Cleaning Brisbane Crystal Clear Solar

Pigeon proofing in action

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the pigeons to move on?

Pigeon proofing is effective at ensuring pigeons move on from your roof. However, it isn’t a magic solution in that it works instantly. Often the pigeons may come back and attempt to get past the mesh (they won’t be able to). This will happen especially if they have completed a full breeding cycle, raising chicks from eggs to adults. This is why it is important to tackle a pigeon problem as early as possible.

Generally, we find that it will take up to 2 months for pigeons to completely move on.

Is pigeon proofing necessary?

This will depend on a case by case basis. Certain breeds of pigeons are pests in Brisbane, and cause a lot of damage. You may never have pigeons under your solar panels. But if you do ever have a pigeon problem you will notice it. Whether you get your solar panels pigeon proofed before pigeons are nesting their or after is entirely up to you. We recommend getting pigeon proofing done prior to pigeons nesting in your panels to reduce the potential damage. If you do ever experience a pigeon problem, give us a call and we can help you out.

Why do solar panels attract pigeons?

Solar panels offer a warm safe place for pigeons to hide and build a nest. They provide cover from predators and the weather. Beneath the panels, pigeons can safely build a nest, lay their eggs, and raise chicks. This is what attracts pigeons in the first place, once they have set up a home it is difficult to get them to move on without the help of an expert.

Do pigeons cause damage to solar panels?

Pigeon will absolutely cause damage to your solar panels. Pigeon droppings have a high acidity so, they than cause corrosion and structural damage to your panels. Often, pigeons will also peck at wiring which can damage them and affect the operations of your solar panels. The damage also doesn’t stop at your solar panels, your gutters can also get severely damaged from pigeon droppings and any seeds or plant matter contained within.

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