Identify faults before they happen

Thermal imaging can allow you to save money on potential future repairs.

Uncover how well your solar panels are operating

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Uncover hot spots

Hot spots are areas of severe heat on your panels. Often, severe heat appears because of damage to your panels. Thermal imaging can detect these hot spots on your solar panels, uncovering potential issues in your system.


Find future problems early

Know how your entire solar system is performing in order to find future problems early. In picking up hot spots, our thermal imaging makes it easy to find defects before they become major problems.


Save money on repairs

Picking up problems early means you can save money on potential future repairs. You will be able to get in early before the defect becomes a major, and expensive problem. Thermal imaging is non-invasive, so is the easiest way to identify problems.


Gain peace of mind

After the inspection of your solar system we will provide you with an extensive report outlining our findings. We will let you know of any issues we spot and whether they could be a major issue or not, giving you peace of mind over the future of your panels.

A comprehensive insight into your solar panels

  • Gutter guards – protecting your gutters from ladders
  • Thermal imaging inspection of panels
  • Full report – with thermal images of panels showcasing hotspots
  • Full analysis – with our expert advice on the findings

The easy way to see what’s happening with your panels

Book an inspection

Get in touch with our friendly team and we will provide you with a customised detailed quote outlining the service. When you accept we will book in a time.

We arrive

The team arrive at your business on time, and in uniform. We will have all equipment required and will get to work straight away.

Thermal imaging

Using our thermal imaging cameras, we will provide a thorough inspection of your panels, paying extra attention to any hotspots.

Findings and report

After the inspection we will compile and provide you with a full report which details all our findings and recommendations.

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Craig Miller
Craig Miller
Wow, i cannot commend these guys enough! What a incredible company to deal with. The service and pricing they provided was beyond belief. I cannot say enough about them.
Elizabeth Robinson
Elizabeth Robinson
It’s so nice to see that there is still a company that gives exceptional service. From the men to their machines everything was clean and well maintained, giving you confidence that their work would be the same. And so it was. Would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone needing their services, And thank you, thank you for getting rid of our pigeons. Liz and Roger- Manly 😋
Adele McNally
Adele McNally
Great local business. First class service from the office to the technician. Michelle provided great advice over the phone and Matt is well-presented and polite, fantastic job. Highly recommend.
Mick Delfos
Mick Delfos
Great local company doing a great job.
Jake Reesby
Jake Reesby
Provided a great price and additional work free of charge. Great job.
Brenda Weller
Brenda Weller
Crystal Clear arranged to be here on Wednesday and their service personnel were here on Wednesday morning, as requested. We have dealt with them in prior years and have always found the service to be prompt, efficient and professional.
Angela Drube
Angela Drube
Highly recommend Crystal Clear Solar. Very professional from the initial enquiry to quote to panel cleaning. provided lots of photos and a easy to understand report. I will definitely be calling you back again in a years time.
Lisa Watzek
Lisa Watzek
What a cracker of a job done for us. Courteous, prompt and efficient work. Thanks guys.
Felicity S
Felicity S
Fast and friendly service!! Took the time to explain things to us. Improved our output heaps! Can really tell Ivan loves his job and appreciates his customers 🙂 my inlaws popped by during the service and were so impressed they booked him on the spot for their panels.

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